The scholarship program for the Il Circolo Society incorporates the true meaning of our mission statement “To preserve and promote the Italian culture through education, art and music“.

What better way to perform this than by fostering education of our young people? Our scholarships are offered to Florida residents, with some Italian family background, a high scholastic average and a strong desire to foster Italian culture.

Students who receive our scholarships may also apply to the national organization of Italian American NIAF for a matching scholarship.

Criteria for Application

  1. Ancestral background – one parent or grandparent of Italian ancestry
  2. Applicant must be resident of Florida
  3. Age limitation 16 to 24 years of age
  4. Student should show a demonstrated need. This could be financial or tied to some
    necessity example – could be for his/her studies.
  5. Applicant must demonstrate good character and can represent IL Circolo in a
    good light
  6. General info: i.e. name address email telephone ,name of school
  7. Resume of scholastic standing
  8. Letter from teacher, coach or person wo knows the applicant describing the
    reason for suggesting the applicant for scholarship
  9. Create some type of student youth ambassador program. Chosen student must attend at least 3 events per year and recruit more youth to ll Circolo.

To apply for this scholarship, please download the Scholarship Application (PDF), complete, and return via email to

Or, you can complete and submit the application online using our online scholarship application. Please be sure to complete this application fully and attach any requested supporting documents (resume, statement of work, and/or school accomplishments) before submitting.

Michael Chiste2016 scholarship recipient Michael Chiste
“I graduated from St. John Paul II Academy in May of 2016. I finished third in my class and graduated with high honors. I was awarded the St. John Paul II Award at my graduation, which is a distinction given to the most outstanding female and male students. The honor is voted on by the entire senior class as well as the faculty and staff of the entire school. A few weeks later, I attended a summer semester at the University of Florida in Gainesville, beginning my pursuit of a degree in Industrial Engineering. After a small break after the summer term, I was back up in Gainesville to begin my first fall semester at the school. I have just recently completed my first semester at UF, and I plan to continue my studies there for the next few years.”

Disclaimer: The iL Circolo Florida board of directors designates an amount of funding each year towards scholarships. Of that amount, up to 10% is allocated towards applications that are family members or friends of iL Circolo board members or employees.